Many years ago, I began writing about my personal health journey after losing my Dad at the age of 16. I suffered all sorts of health problems in the following years, yet I was also dealing with a huge amount of emotional trauma. I found the best way to express myself was by sharing my inner-most thoughts and emotions with others, as well as sharing tips and recipes that had helped me in my own healing. I wanted to create a welcoming community where people could feel less alone yet could also be inspired to improve their own wellbeing.

It’s taken me the most part of my 20’s to find balance in my life and my health. The biggest healer has undoubtedly been food, but I’ve also become a firm believer of the holistic approach over the years, and this has been significant in healing my emotional trauma. We are all unique as humans, and by focusing on the connection of mind, body and spirit through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual environments, we are able to treat the body in all manner of ways.

I aim to be as open and honest in my writing as I can be. I want this space to feel inclusive. I want this to be a space where you can find some comfort, heal your body and be inspired. I want to lift your mood, be motivational, spread positivity and talk about the happiness we can all create in our lives.

We all deserve to be the happiest versions of ourselves, and I hope to inspire you to live the life you love!