8 Honest Confessions That Every Deep Thinker Will Understand

Being a deep thinker is full of wonder, inspiration and evolution.

Deep thinkers want to make the world a better place, they want to understand the emotions of humans and they want to learn why the world is the way it is. They think with their heart, offer plenty of compassion and are great people to confide in when you need someone to listen to your problems. They offer different perspectives on the world, question the hows and whys and will never intentionally want to hurt your feelings.

Despite that, being a deep thinker can also be fraught with challenges. It can often feel like a game of tug and war is going on in their head. Deep thinkers can find themselves questioning everything in search for a deeper meaning, and it can leave them losing the enjoyment of the moment because their thoughts take over.

Disclosure:Β I am a deep thinker.

I wouldn’t write the things I do if I wasn’t and I genuinely love the way I view the world in a different way and challenge myself to understand deeper meanings, but there are many reasons I can often feel challenged amongst my thoughts.

I’m going to make some confessions to you below, because I think deep thinkers often feel misunderstood by others – and because I can’t help but try to work out the deeper meaning of it all, obviously!

We often feel isolated and disconnected from others

We sometimes struggle to understand why people don’t question the world in the same way as us, making us feel like misfits in society. We wonder why we feel the need to question everything to such a deep extent and why we can’t enjoy life in the same way as most people. We beat ourselves up about this and question why we are different, even though we know deep down that it is a positive characteristic.

We regularly have days of sadness

The overwhelming feeling of sadness can come on suddenly, often overnight, and can feel like a form of depression. The feeling arrives with no warning and with no explanation as to why it’s decided to spring upon us. As a deep thinker, not knowing why is the biggest problem we can possibly be faced with. We find these days particularly testing, because our thoughts undoubtedly take over and yet we know that we need to let go for that day.

We spend too much time helping others

We are the kind of people who spend too much time worrying about other people and wanting to help them through their own difficulties, often neglecting our own needs. It’s in our best interest to help and heal others because we like to see the best in everyone, but this then causes our own problems to transpire. This can be what leads to our days of sadness, as there comes a time when everything catches up on us.

We give more people a chance

When it comes to people and their emotions, we are often more understanding of why they may be feeling or acting a certain way. If someone is particularly quick to react badly to a situation or becomes frustrated and angry easily, we prefer to understand why they do so, what emotions lie beneath and question whether we should be empathetic towards them. We are more likely to take the time to figure things out, than to react in the same way and cause a bigger problem.

Friendships with fellow deep thinkers are particularly special

When we meet another deep thinker, a beautiful and profound friendship begins. We believe in fate and we believe that we were meant to meet that person, and we can spend hours and hours discussing life’s wonders and woes until the early hours. We honour the friendship more than anything, because to meet a fellow deep thinker is something special. To be able to have deep and meaningful conversations with someone who understands us is incredibly liberating and helps to clear our minds. If life send us in different directions, it can feel very hard to live without them.

We aspire to be better versions of ourselves

We are always looking to better ourselves, on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels. We believe that life is a journey and that we should be using our time wisely to invest in our own happiness and personal growth. In a modern world it can feel very difficult at times to move forward, but that only makes us more passionate and determined to become the person we want to be.

We tend to look different to most people

Whether it’s the way we dress, the make up we wear or the hairstyle we choose, we often feel like we look different to other people – particularly those on the TV and in magazines. We can spend time trying to fit in initially, but we soon figure out what feels right for us. We aren’t interested inΒ conforming to what society deems as beautiful, but we struggle to accept that it’s okay to be different and to embrace our uniqueness.

We find it tough to love and accept ourselves

This is one of the biggest challenges as a deep thinker. Although our journey to becoming a better person involves loving and accepting ourselves, we have a harder time than most trying to do so. We hone in too much on everything that is potentially wrong with us, and forget to focus on what is actually wonderful about us. We have big hearts and we know we have so much to be happy about deep down, but the expectations and ideals of society mean our struggles become more and more arduous.


Photo credit: Ben White