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My own health journey started when I was just 12 years old, and it is a journey that has seen me change my approach gradually over the years, moving towards a plant-based diet and a holistic approach to healing the body. You can read more about how I began on my journey in the About and My Story sections.

Changing our attitude towards food is one the best decisions we can make. We start to see significant improvements when we turn to a diet rich in wholefoods and organic produce and limit our intake of gluten, dairy, animal products, processed foods and refined sugar. Some of the most notable improvements you might recognise could be in the clearing of skin problems and and digestive issues, and even the balancing of hormones (I speak from example here).

I completely appreciate that every body is different, but changing your diet to something similar to mine that I’ve mentioned will have you feeling more energised, restore and balance the digestive system and glowing from the inside out. The best way to know what’s best for your body? Tune in, listen to it, try new approaches, and your body will soon guide you to what feels best.