I started this blog initially as a place to share my love of writing with my passion for all things related to health and wellness. I had been on my own health journey for some time and after being inspired by other bloggers who were sharing their journey with others, I decided I wanted to join the community. Writing, for me, is the one way I can express myself fully. It’s my one true happy place!

I started off writing about all sorts of different topics, not really having a niche, but in time I soon discovered that it was important to have a focus and a style. I don’t focus on one specific area, rather I focus on three key areas that I feel interlink with each other in perfect harmony. I couldn’t imagine my life without one of them and feel that, together, they create harmony and balance within each of us.

Together, they have the ability to create the happiest version of us. And isn’t that just something we all want?


Self love requires us all to love ourselves truly, feeling a great sense of happiness in our lives and our wellbeing; but this has become seemingly more difficult in recent years, as our lives become busier and more challenging in a variety of ways.

We are all working harder, we are fed more negativity from the media, as humans we have become more competitive in the work place and in our personal lives, the fast food industry has affected our health, social media has heavily influenced who we ‘think’ we should be, and so much more. Many of us have lost touch with ourselves and we are all searching for ways to regain our inner happiness. IΒ have been working hard on my own ‘self love’ as part of my health journey and its importance has been significant.


I started to change my diet many years ago, following gut and digestive issues, skin problems, emotional stress, hormonal imbalances and chronic fatigue. Food is one of the most powerful ways we can transform our bodies back to optimum health, and once I started to adapt my eating to wholesome and healthy plant based foods, organic produce and limited animal products I soon saw huge improvements in my overall health – mentally, physically and emotionally. Plus, my taste buds changed and I was enjoying the flavours of real food!

I now follow a mostlyΒ vegetarian (no meat, but some fish), plant based diet that’s rich in wholefoods and organic produce, and I limit my intake of wheat, dairy and refined sugar. I have gained so much knowledge over the years through my own research and personal interest, and now couldn’t imagine eating any differently. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, so I have written up some of my favourite recipes that follow my ethos above.


Travel has been a huge part of my life for the last 5 years or so. Admittedly, it probably acted as escapism to begin with, a way of escaping my worries and getting away from reality, but I soon became fascinated by our wonderful world – the amazing cultures, the exotic food, the languages, the like-minded friends I meet along the way and, mostly, how it pushes us out of our comfort zone and encourages us to try new things.

I will never tire of visiting new places and exploring beautiful parts of the world. I spent 9 months living and working in New Zealand with my partner in 2016, which was possibly one of the most challenging but amazing experiences I could have asked for. Travel is one of life’s greatest answers to soul searching, and it has given me so many opportunities to reflect, process and make goals in environments that can put life into a balanced perspective.

I really hope you enjoy all the sections and find inspiration among them all, because nothing beats the feeling of inner health and happiness! πŸ™‚